An Incubation hub to empower your child and shape their future as Brilliant Software Engineers with providing them the International Exposure and Competitive edge through us.

Get access to our online Courses by our friendly instructors on wide variety of Technical fields.

In a world where Education comes from formative years in school and colleges, Young Professors Online brings a new way of Practical Learning for our Young Generation.

Our purpose is to reinvent the way of learning where your child does not just crams the technical details or learn some basic programming orally. Rather Our Goal at YPO is to empower their technical thinking ability and engage them in building their skills required in the Technological World.

We believe in building friendly connection and bond with our learners to make it an interesting and approachable way of learning different from the traditional methods.

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Happy Customers

"I was very excited to learn this course as I am currently studying and experimenting with various technologies. I really found the material very relevant for IT market today. Their friendly way of teaching made me comfortable with the teachers and I could easily approach them with doubts and opinions at any time. I am happy to take this course."

-Eyal Crystal, Student

"My daughter has been studying with them for a year now. Now she knows the basics of programming, the basics of UI, designing, the basis of object-oriented programming. And she has begun to learn java. Her Teacher is just so Patient, friendly, and pro! The groups are small so they focus on each child properly. My daughter (9 years old) always remains thrilled to learn from them. Finally, I found something for her level. This way of learning is definitely worth money."

-Irina Orlova, Parent

"My daughter has been studying through them for several months now. She is very pleased. I am very happy to see her learning so much at this age. You do not really get any platform for this age group to learn technical skills and that is why I was glad to come across YPO"

-MarinaPolykovski, Parent

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Klpavriksha Global IT Solutions

Kalpavriksha Global IT Solutions was founded by a team of IT Professionals with a vision to bridge the gap between the skills taught in the current education system and the skills required in the future.