About us

Young Professors Online - YPO is a new tech educational project, created in 2014, for children from “Alef Levinsky Consulting” - the project which is based on extensive experience in front-line education for children and currently working with different colleges, foundations, Clubhouse (Intel), all Israeli community center, and municipal departments of Social provision .

We found the project to create a fresh approach to learning to accord to the modern technology market. The project was developed under the tireless supervision of a professional IT team to combine the 3 advanced areas existing on the tech market today into one: developing platforms for games, graphics design and application programming. We also aim to build project management and teamwork skills which allows the children to develop social and cognitive skills – These will prepare your child for the digital world which is an integral part of our life.

For education we use the Full Stack Developer attitude, which allows children to deeply learn the training materials, and its practical usage.

Why should you work with us?

1. We provide international exposure to the student which gives them an opportunity to stand out of the crowd in the future.

2. We deliver sessions in small groups so that our students can get personalized focus from our instructors. It facilitates an effective and efficient learning for the student.

3. Our study materials are regularly updated to ensure students are introduced to the latest best materials, software, and technology tools relevant in the Market.

"Our goal is to create thinking, entrepreneurial and assertive children - who can handle any technological challenge in the future".

Our Team

The YPO team is made up of professionals who come directly from the industry and work in it. In doing so, they provide students with the most useful, common and up-to-date tools in the high-tech market.

Founder: Eng. Oleg Levinsky

MSc degree in IT engineering

Over 12 Years of teaching Experience in variety of Technological Subjects

Founder of "AlefLevinsky consulting and management" - which provides consulting services to private and state corporations and NGOs in such areas as: organizational, financial, education (including online), IT. He worked as chairman of the Student Union for 3 Consecutive Years and then a member of the Israel National Student Union Audit Committee .He is currently working as the Member of a GSW International Youth Union.

Director of Teaching Area: Mr Or Linzer

Profession: App Builder and Cyber programmer by Profession

Mr Or holds experience in teaching children and youth in the fields of technology and math for over 7 years. He is responsible for building lesson plans, syllabus for course, and preparation of teachers in the company. Being in the profession, he constantly aligns the education we provide with the evolution in the Market.

PM: Tanye Beylis

Tanya has an interdisciplinary degree in "Computer Science and Information Systems.

Miss Tanye is responsible in the for projects and logistics in the company .Tanya has an interdisciplinary degree in "Computer Science and Information Systems".She handles various aspects of work in the company which includes monitoring the work of teaching staff, handles the finance and legalities of the company, communication with the stakeholders.

Senior Teacher: Mr Sela Liran

Liran is a Java programmer and has an extensive experience in teaching various software languages and technologies. He has been working as instructor with us for last 3 years and has contributed in making many students excel in the field.

The Teacher:Mr Oknin Haim

Chaim is a programmer by Profession in the field of programming games and applications. He has been working in the company for last 5 years. He has excelled many generation of students in the field through his teaching