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We cover different concepts in each lesson so that your child can learn in an effective manner. We provide required resources to the students on constant basis for the better learning.

How does actually our session works?

A short brief description of the standard lesson we teach our students

What is Full Stack Developer method?

Full stack developer is a person who masters in variety of skills and can develop both client and server software.

In addition to mastering HTML and CSS, they know how to:

1. Program a browser like using JavaScript ,Angular or Vue

2. Program a server (like using PHP,ASP,Python or Node)

3. Program a database ( like using SQL,SQLite,MongoDB )

Important To Know

1. The classes are taught at an advanced level of programming languages to make sure that the child is able to get the professional experience required in the Market in future. We give focused attention in developing the student’s ability to understand the intricacies of graphic design and user experience (UI/UX), managing a technology project from beginning to end, teamwork, tracking innovations in IT sphere

2. There are many batches of students to ensure that there is an effective teaching in the class and we can give focused attention to the learning of each child on the class.

3. We adhere to two iron principles of “fair purchase” Hence; we provide an opportunity to students to attend a free test lesson before enrollment. Each student can attend a test lesson before enrollment.

4. As part of the course curriculum, each student prepares his own project, which is carried out under the close supervision of the teacher